About Hotspot is a unique platform which informs you about the best Spots in Singapore which are close, have good evaluations and discounts and which are happening on a specific date. It combines localization (showing what is close to the current location), socialization (what has been suggested from friends in Facebook-network) with time-critical information (what event is happening right now). In a few statistics, hotspot it is: 5000 selected spots in Singapore, 1000 happy hours and hundreds of Events / Parties happening every week.
NB makes sure it works
SR makes sure you know about it
DK makes sure we can pay for it
TA makes sure also not so old people can use it
FR makes sure you like it
KG gives enigma names
News We will use facebook / twitter to keep you posted
enigma news are just available once you are part of it
Hotspot.sg was launched on 1st September 2012. The iPhone / android app went live in Jan 2013 / Feb 2013 respectively. At Hotspot.sg we try to inform you of the best parties, events, that are happening right now or tell you more about the greatest clubs, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, sport clubs, and even art galleries, museums and cultural sites.
From the usual happy hour happening every week in a certain famous bar in Singapore through to a unique art exhibition taking place on a specific date, we do our best to inform you of the greatest events and places to enjoy in Singapore.
enigma get sufficient hots and you might get invited
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If you want to integrate the data into your site or app, you can use our api to load data via XML or JSON. Contact us to get a developer key.
enigma info can not be integrated into other environments
Privacy Please note that - once you are logged in - we are using your facebook id to store all your transactions on this site. If you have any suggestions to do it better, please contact us.
enigma rules are diffferent (sorry, no more info here on this).
Please do not upload protected data (including but not limited to text and images). If you see any inappropriate use of information, please contact us immideately.
Again, enigma rules are different (sorry, no comments here).
Purpose Hotspot.sg was designed to provide you information about the greatest bar/event/food court…, in the right place, at a right time. Thanks to a unique geographic localization technology, Hotspot shows you immediately where the hottest spots are around you.
By providing the most updated and relevant information about every spot and event in Singapore, Hotspot helps Singaporean residents and tourists to select the right place to visit in the Lion city.