HEH The Nizam's Museum

The Nizam's Museum is located in the once-upon-a-time stately Purani Haveli, the palace acquired around the year 1750 by the second Nizam and now converted into a museum with a fascinating collection (the palace was apparently built a staggering 400 years back, but still stands strong). You won't find too much of yesteryears' Nizamiian art, as all the classy artefacts are in the Salarjung Museum. But for a little bit of spicy Nizamian history, this is just what the doctor ordered.

address: ‚Äč Purani Haveli, , Behind Durru Shehvar Hospital, Charminar, Hyderabad - 500002
phone: 2452-1029
open hours: 09:30-16:30


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