Nalanda was a famous Buddhist monastery and university dating back to 5th century AD, considered one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the world. The first centre of theology amongst other disciplines, it was also the destination for travelling Buddhist pilgrims from all over Asia.Bhaskar's Arts Academy presents a bharatanatyam dance production inspired by this epicentre of knowledge. Exploring themes on Buddhism, representations of Nalanda, and the concept of Shunyata (emptiness), discover the essence of this historic landmark through music, dance and visuals.The historic landmark Nalanda represented a system of thought shaped by Buddhism that is unique to Asia, at once rigorously intellectual and intensely spiritual. The essence of this is suffused in the legends, art and iconography that developed in and around the monastery, across China, India, Sri Lanka and all of Southeast Asia.In its Mahayana and Vajrayana forms, with beautiful, anthropomorphic pantheons of male and female Buddhas and Boddhisattvas, Buddhism transformed from an austere religion to one with great sensory appeal. It is this complex interaction of ideas that forms the narrative base and inspires the music, visuals and choreography of Nalanda. Choreographed by Cultural Medallion awardee Mrs Santha Bhaskar, Nalanda reflects influences from Southeast Asian dance forms, set to traditional carnatic music composed especially the piece. Rakti ragas, or melodies, are used for aesthetic contours and emotional appeal, inspiring devotion, compassion, valour, sorrow, wonder and peace.

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