Enter a world of dance full of love and emotion as celebrated Indian classical dancers Bharati Shivaji and her daughter-disciple Vijayalakshmi treat you to a rare mohiniyattam performance preceded by a documentary on them captured by filmmakers Sara and Urs Baur. Beyond Grace is a dance presentation that will leave you breathless in the exquisite beauty and form of mohiniyattam and its myriad expressions.In 2009, American filmmakers Sara and Urs Baur embarked on a journey to southern India to document the lives of mohiniyattam dance exponents Bharati and Vijayalakshmi—both of whom have been instrumental in reviving this ancient dance form and individually celebrated for their contributions to its evolution. Their documentary, Beyond Grace, was more than just an exploration into this rare dance form; it was an intimate portrait of two female dancers whose passions were passed from one generation to another and whose dance vocabularies have left indelible marks in the history of mohiniyattam.

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