Powerhouse in Concert 天王天后华语福建震撼演唱会

Weng Li You 翁立友, is the new king of Hokkien hits. He is the original singer behind many highly rated Taiwan drama serials such as “意難忘”,“台灣龍捲風”, “ 爱 ”, “娘家”,“夜市人生 ” , “真情满天下”,“ 天下父母心 ”that has received high ratings not only in Taiwan but Singapore, Malaysia and even Indonesia. His hit songs such as 迷魂香, 我問天, 堅持, 送行, 行棋, 手中情, 夜市人生are commonly sung and learnt by almost many karaoke lovers. His song我問天has been sung by many singers all over Asia. Weng Li You won the Best Male Hokkien singer at the 20th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards 2009 and winning this award booms his popularity to a higher level and more people began to notice him and his songs. Ye Ai Ling, a famous singer and host, started her singing career back in 1986 with the hit song { 爱我别走 } and winning the heart of many listeners with her husky vocal and versatile stage presence. Her loads of signature hit songs such as { 让我醉别让我心碎 } ,{ 最后一次温柔 }, { 明天你是否依然爱我 }, { 残缺的温柔 }, { 喊 }, { 因为所以 }, { 留给明天一个梦 }, { 阳光 samba },{ 七月雪 }, { 分送寂寞和爱 }, { 我心已打烊 }, { 漂亮一下 }, and many more. Besides singing, she also hosted several award winning variety programmes in Taiwan. Almost all of Ye’s album had received Platinum Awards and she is known to be one of the few who received such awards for album sales. Wen Zhang, Indonesia-born Chinese singer, broke into the music scene in 1984 with his hit single《三百六十五里路》. He is widely recognized for his powerful vocal and his unique stage presence and his hit songs such as《望天》,《情商》,《古月照今尘》,《故乡的云》, 《原谅我的心》and many more. Wen Zhang won the Golden Vocal Award as a new comer and won Golden Bell Award as Best Male singer in 1985, subsequently crowned Best Male Singer in Golden Melody Award in 1987. Come catch these award winning singers LIVE as they unleash their energy and electrifying stage performances.

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